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Perfect Korean blazer for Spring and Fall season to look more dandy

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Perfect Korean blazer for Spring and Fall season to look more dandy

Do you know about Korean Blazer?

Before we start to writing about article, we mentioned it before that we only introduce one product with each article.

Let’s start to talk about Korean blazer.

Blazer is like type of jacket but designer resembles suit coat to cut more casually.

Basically if you want to wear from formal than more casual, you can simply wear blazer instead of suit jacket.


Korean Blazer

△Korean Blazer


As you can see it is more casual look than formal look. Which means women more prefer this type of coordination your style.

You can grab a blazer anywhere you can but we are introduce mostly for Korean Fashion Goods, so that’s why we introduce Korean Blazer.

How to wear a Korean Blazer then?

Korean Blazer with Dark jeans

△Korean Blazer with Dark jeans


Simply wear with your dark blue color jean with it.

And make sure roll over your end of your jean though, because it looks more stylish and neat.

Normally, wear beige shoes for this fashion coordination.

However, We think darker color tone of shoes is much better for this style.

Normal Look how to wear Blazer with

△Normal Look how to wear Blazer with


This picture shows you how to wear Korean Blazer with normally.

You can match with dark nor bright color check pattern shirt with bright neat sweaters or t-shirts.

However, you can match with darker tone if you want to.

Style and fashion is always depends on you to decide.

Point your blazer with a broach

△Point your blazer with a broach


And don’t forget to finish your style with a broach onto your blazer.

Fashion and Style is make your look more unique.

Remember do not just wear clothes like normal people do.

Point! Point! Point! is importat!


match with your blazer without T-shirts nor Sweater

△match with your blazer without T-shirts nor Sweater


When you match with your blazer only with check pattern shirts, make sure you wear belt on it.

That’s why accessories are so important to point your style when you coordinate your fashion.

This is it for Navy blazer coordinate fashion method.

Hopefully you will love this fashion and be prepare yourself one of blazer for Spring season.

Thank you for read my article guys~

See you soon!!

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